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What is Professional Coaching?

Today we are seeing more companies than ever before hire coaches to help drive improvements in performance and productivity.

PMP’s Professional Coaching program is a one-on-one partnership between coach and an individual that focuses on developing skills to help facilitate positive results in the individual’s professional life. Through goal setting, powerful questions, action plans, and other critical tools, our coaches help foster solutions and strategies that support and enhance the individuals’

Coaching is designed to encourage a more productive way to cultivate behavior that is consistent with goals and helps achieve strategic and operational objectives.

With over 52 years of experience, Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates, Inc. has a proven track record of helping companies maintain a productive and legally compliant workplace. Our team of experienced and Certied Professional Coaches (CPC) utilizes an integrated approach that carefully considers unique organizational culture, leadership competencies and development needs to create personalized coaching experiences and action plans. With programs for new managers, senior executives, business owners and more, PMP o’ers a variety of targeted professional coaching services designed to meet the specic needs of individuals and organizations.

Types of Coaching

Executive Coaching: Provides support to top level C-suite executives, high potential employees and business owners to achieve their targeted goals.

Career Coaching: Assists individuals in moving to the next level in their profession and help nd new opportunities during transition.

Management/Supervisor Coaching: Helps accelerate managers’ and supervisors’ understanding of their roles while developing skills and strategies for success.


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