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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


PMP TrainingTM offers courses that are compliant with current law. PMP has already created training programs pursuant to the new state law, and will continue to revise those programs as state officials provide further details about the training requirements.

PMP TrainingTM Sexual Harassment Topics Include:

•  Defining harassment and discrimination in the workplace
•  Types of problematic behaviors
•  Your company’s policies and responsibilities
•  Quid Pro Quo & Hostile Work Environment**
•  When and where discriminatory practices occur**
•  Retaliation**
•  Liabilities**
•  Company responsibilities & preventative measures**
•  Employee responsibilities**
•  What to do in the event of an issue or complaint**   
  **Supervisors and managers only                       


In-person training, as well as e-learning options available.  Contact us today for more information.

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