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HR Consulting

PMP’s HR Consultants and Labor Relations professionals are available for consultation in any of the following areas:

 HR Compliance Audit

PMP’s HR compliance audit is a structured and systematic process that examines those legal and practical issues which are relevant to your workplace. This proactive tool focuses on your company’s possible exposure to costly claims and litigation.  Our HR consultants will analyze your policies and practices for compliance with state and federal labor and employment laws and regulations and helps structure best practices for your company.

An HR compliance audit identifies and addresses potential liabilities, such as those that arise from potential allegations of discrimination in the workplace, to help build the foundation for the future.


 Wage and Hour Audits

DOL wage and hour compliance audits are among their most wide ranging and aggressively pursued.  PMP will perform an in depth review of your pay and classification practices, as well as your records and record keeping procedures to ensure you are in a position to fend off any litigation (by the government or private attorneys) in these areas.


 On-Site HR

With PMP’s on-site HR service, your company has an experienced HR Consultant on its team.  While onsite, our HR professional works with management to develop and implement your human resources programs while helping you manage your regulatory compliance, policies, procedures, recruitment, employee training and employee performance. PMP offers several options including an interim, project, or ongoing commitment.


 Workplace Regulatory Compliance

PMP helps companies avoid exposure to litigation and helps to protect companies from claims of potential violations of workplace regulations. PMP vigorously defends employers when allegations are raised.  Working with our staff attorneys, we strategize and develop best compliant practices that fit your company culture, business plan and help increase your bottom line.

Workplace laws are always in flux.  PMP will work with you to ensure full compliance in areas including EEO laws (ADA, Title VII, ADEA, IRCA, PDA, EPA), wage and hour laws (FLSA and state), employee benefit laws (HIPPA, COBRA, FMLA, USERRA), labor relations (NLRA, SCA), I-9, and other regulations (WARN, FCRA, Affirmative Action).

Click here to visit our Resources page for Helpful Workplace Compliance Links


 HR Policies and Procedures

It is critical for employers to develop and institute a comprehensive set of HR policies and procedures to guide the conduct of employees and supervisors.   PMP's HR consultant works with management to create policies and procedures to ensure that situations are dealt with in a consistent manner and that the employer's business runs efficiently.


 I-9 Audits

PMP is an IMAGE (Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers) member and business partner with Homeland Security, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). PMP has the expertise to assist companies in proper Form I-9 completion and document review, to reduce liability during an ICE I-9 audit.


 Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are an important tool for every company. A HR consultant will create or edit comprehensive, well-defined job descriptions that will establish employment classifications which are in compliance with the FLSA. These will include the essential functions of the job and comply with ADA requirements.  An effective job description can also assist employers with their recruiting efforts.


 FMLA Administration

PMP provides Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration to ensure efficient and compliant FMLA tracking. PMP's experienced HR Consultants are up-to-date on all state and federal FMLA regulations. By outsourcing this time-consuming task, your HR department can focus on more value-added responsibilities, making our FMLA tracking cost effective.  PMP’s FMLA Tracking and Administration includes:

  • Mailing of required paperwork and reminders to employees as needed
  • Review to determine appropriateness of an FMLA request
  • Tracking your employees’ FMLA use, including intermittent leave time
  • On-going consultations with supervisors and HR contact(s), as appropriate and needed
  • Handling initial certification and re-certification processes
  • Periodic updates to keep you informed of your employees’ FMLA status
  • PMP’s clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that their employees’ FMLA time is tracked efficiently, and correctly – all for a nominal per employee fee.

Click here to visit the DOL website for important FMLA forms


 Workplace Investigations

Accusations of harassment or discrimination in the workplace require meaningful responses. Such complaints lead to workplace tensions, government investigations, hefty fines and costly legal battles. As an impartial third party, PMP is experienced in conducting investigations regarding these allegations.  Professionally conducted investigations can help minimize the distractions and loss of productivity that often arise when allegations are made.  Our HR Consultants conduct the investigations and file a report that will assist you in determining the course to take for your employees and for your business.


 Performance Management

Providing feedback to employees is critical for them to understand how their performance is viewed by management.  It encourages professional growth and the development of skills that will assist your business in achieving its goals and objectives.  PMP will work with you to develop a customized performance appraisal process that meets the needs of your business.  This can include evaluating and assessing the current performance of your staff, creating individual goals and objectives, developing plans to improve performance and training management to set and communicate preformance standards and provide appropriate and timely feedback.



At PMP, our staff has extensive experience in advising employers regarding employee terminations and discipline that will help you minimize the risk of potential legal action.  This can include investigating and advising clients regarding termination decisions and other disciplinary actions, training supervisors on termination procedures and on how to conduct exit interviews.  Proper documentation is your best protection at unemployment hearings and as a defense against charges at oversight agencies.


 Employer/Employee Relations Solutions

A company’s employee relations may be the most important factor in motivation, morale and overall productivity. It impacts what you get out of your employees and your bottom line. The HR Consultants at PMP, ensure clear and concise communications and policies within your business that promote positive employee perception and a unified approach to goals throughout your organization.

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