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Labor Relations

Let PMP assist your company with all your labor relations needs.

  • Staying Union-Free

  • Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs)

  • Living with a Union

  • Collective Bargaining 

  • Grievances & Arbitration

PMP assists companies with all labor relations matters.  PMP has a long history of negotiating collective bargaining agreements for companies of all sizes, and in numerous industries, with both national and local unions.  PMP works with employers to protect employer priorities and to achieve contracts that do not stand in the way of running a successful and profitable business.

PMP has an outstanding record of assisting companies in maintaining a union-free environment by implementing policies and procedures to reduce vulnerabilities to a union attack, by winning elections through intelligent representation before the NLRB, and through innovative strategies during the union campaign.

Additionally, PMP provides high quality representation handling grievances and arbitration as well as defending clients in unfair labor practice proceedings.  


Staying Union-Free
In order to assist companies in their efforts to stay union-free, PMP performs audits to identify areas of vulnerability.  We also work with you to form a strategy to defeat or impede union organizing attempts. PMP will provide you with representation at the Labor Board when a petition is filed and develop a campaign to defeat the union in an election.

Living with a Union
Although unions can be expensive and time consuming to deal with, often good labor relations can result in a cooperative environment that allows the company to run its business efficiently and effectively. PMP has years of experience in helping companies establish and maintain a non-adversarial labor management environment.

Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs)
Avoid unfair labor practice (ULP) charges by letting PMP review your policies and train your supervisors.  When an unfair labor practice charge is filed, we provide top-notch representation and defense at the National Labor Relations Board.

Collective Bargaining/Negotiations
Union negotiations and collective bargaining require detailed preparation, strategizing, and insight. For over fifty years, PMP has served as the chief spokesperson in negotiations, assisting management to achieve its economic and other goals. 

Grievances and Arbitration
PMP prepares the initial response to a grievance and follows through with the preparation of witnesses and a defense in an arbitration. Our more than half-century of hands-on experience with unions and union contracts help us deal effectively with your grievance procedure and arbitration hearings.


"When in need of HR or labor consulting, there is not a firm more knowledgeable and professional than PMP. PMP has assisted our company in favorable collective bargaining agreements, iron clad employee handbooks, and many favorable arbitration decisions to effectively help our businesses sustainability. Dealing with many unions and personalities, PMP has consistently been our navigator to ensure we receive the appropriate knowledge, and always protects our businesses best interest. In an age when lawyers and consultants are difficult and expensive to communicate with, PMP does not share those attributes with its competitors. PMP is a vital artery to the heartbeat of our business, and a component to the competitive advantage we hold in our industry."

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