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Barbara DeMatteo quoted in Newsday LI Business Article

With so much change  in New York Labor & Employment legislation – particularly in relation to employee wage and benefit issues –  it’s no surprise that so many employers and employees are scratching their heads and feeling confused. Our HR Directors are often at the forefront of comment and thought leadership on everything related to HR.  Barbara DeMatteo is a regular contributor and commentator for the media and Newsday called on her again for comment in the recent article exploring “Laws on Scheduling Gaining Momentum” (October 9, 2017). Barbara is expert at distilling complex topics into ‘bite size’ parcels bringing clarity to often misunderstood subjects.  In this article she talked about new requirements for scheduling hours in advance, as well as how this presents new challenges to employers. As always Barbara did a great job and PMP continues to make their voices heard in New York!


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