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Department of Labor Investigations in 2016

Employers will continue to see an increase in Department of Labor’s investigations in the workplace in 2016.  The increased investigations are expected in at least these two areas:

  1. Wage & Hour — especially as it relates to misclassification of non-exempt employees as exempt, or of employees as independent contractors.

  2. Family & Medical Leave Act policies and administration

It would be wise for companies to review these areas carefully with a knowledgeable HR Professional or counsel to assure that:

  1. Employees are classified correctly based on recent changes in the exempt pay threshold

  2. A “contractor” pass scrutiny as being an independent contractor rather than an employee

  3. FMLA policies, notices, forms and record-keeping documents are consistently applied and administered correctly.

Addressing these critical areas and assure you are compliant.  Don’t wait for the “knock on the door” – it will be too late then!


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