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EEO-1 Passwords Reset By EEOC

Please be advised that the EEOC has closed the 2012 reporting database and has reset passwords for all users of the online system “in preparation for the 2013 EEO-1 survey.”

What this will mean for any company who files an EEO-1 is that you will need to request a new password by emailing your  company name to or by calling 877-392-4647.  If the certifying official (person who was responsible for submitting the EEO-1data in the past) is not longer with the company, be sure to include the new person’s name in the email request so that access can be transferred to the new contact person.

The EEOC indicated that this decision was made “for security reasons.”  The EEOC also recommends saving the EEO-1 reports, once it is certified, in a PDF copy rather than using the online system to access previously filed reports.   For federal contractors and subcontractors, it is essential that 3 years of EEO-1 reports be saved as these are required for submission during an OFCCP audit.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Grace Conti or Maureen Bradley.


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