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If Only They Had Called PMP: Long Island Diner Becomes Latest to Pay for Wage Violations

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After a joint investigation involving the Nassau County district attorney’s office and the federal and state labor departments, the owners of a diner in Nassau County have pleaded guilty to underpaying 72 workers and falsifying records. It was the first such joint investigation under New York State’s Wage Theft Prevention Act, which ratchets up the penalties for wage violations.

The owners have agreed to pay more than $500,000 as part of their guilty plea: $337,780 in back wages to settle minimum wage and overtime violations, $163,742 in damages to the employees and $48,681 in state unemployment insurance payments. If only they had called PMP!

With the clear intent to send a message to those ignoring New York State’s labor laws, the Department of Labor is aggressively pursuing the hospitality industry. If you have any questions regarding the latest activity from the Department of Labor, or compliance with New York State’s Wage Theft Prevention Act, please call PMP at 516-921-3400.


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