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Is Career Transition/Outplacement Services Right for Your Company?

The Great Recession of 2008 is not that far in our rear view mirror and its effects are still being felt by many employers.   Companies may find it necessary to realign themselves for the future by exercising different staffing techniques which may include downsizing, right-sizing, layoffs and terminations.  So how can a company navigate through these difficult actions and keep their company positioned for growth?

An experienced Career Transition provider can assist employers with messaging, ensuring business continuity, maintaining the employer brand and keep the remaining employee’s morale positive. The following are some benefits of utilizing Career Transition Services:

  1. Terminated employees who receive Career Transition assistance are less likely to sue their employers for dismissal

  2. Significantly lowers unemployment costs to the company as Career Transition increases the rate at which downsized employees get new jobs

  3. Human Resources and management are not tied up assisting downsized employees with Career Transition coaching

  4. It will protect your company’s brand and reputation

  5. Remaining staff will feel less apprehensive about being laid off if they know they will get help finding their next opportunity

  6. Helps keep morale of remaining staff positive

  7. Protects your reputation as an employer of choice

  8. Keeps client/public opinion positive

Add to this list one of the most important reasons to use Career Transition Services which is that it is the right thing to do.  Let’s take a look at this example:  you have an executive who has been with you for a long time but his skills are no longer relevant.  You know you have to terminate him but he has been a loyal employee.  By providing Career Transition Services you are providing valuable assistance to help him find his next opportunity – making the process speedier and less stressful than if he had to do it alone.  Likewise, HR professionals and Management often have to make the tough decision to lay off employees, through no fault of their own, due to a downturn in the business.

Whether your company needs to lay off many employees or terminate only one executive, PMP Career Transition Services can provide job search assistance in the following ways:

  1. Provide support to managers and Human Resources professionals on notification day

  2. Give emotional support and consultation on next steps to downsized employees on notification day

  3. Organize in-house job fairs

  4. Create and deliver customized Job Search workshops

  5. Give one-on-one Career Coaching including generational preferences, career changes, where and how to look for opportunities, resume construction, career assessments, interviewing skills and creating a brand on Linkedin. This can be provided in person or remotely.

Working with an experienced Career Transition Counseling during downsizing of employees can significantly improve the process for both the employer and their employees.  To quote one of PMP’s Career Transition Clients, “In using Mary Simmons for career transition services to help a group of employees we had to let go, I knew they would be in great hands and receive a wealth of knowledge and support.  They said it was a great help to have someone who would assist in resume writing, interviewing techniques, and aid in networking and her welcoming personality made the process a much more pleasant experience. Mary has quickly become my go-to person when it comes to Career Transition services.”


Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates, Inc. is here to answer any questions you have regarding this matter.  Please keep in mind that in addition to our staff of seasoned HR professionals, we also have affiliated employment lawyers on hand to address any questions you may have regarding compliance. Contact us at 800-921-2195 or 516-921-3400. You can also visit our website or e-mail us at

This article is intended for general information only and should not be construed as legal advice.


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