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Labor Department Expected to Unleash “Flurry” of New Regulations

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With Thomas Perez confirmed as head of the Labor Department, the agency is expected to unleash a “flurry of new regulations that have been bottled up for months,” which is cause for concern for business leaders.

Some of the long-awaited rules are anticipated to help boost employment for veterans and the disabled, increase wages for home-health-care workers and set new limits for workplace exposure to dangerous silica dust. Other, more controversial regulations could help labor unions organizing campaigns and allow union officials to partake in non-union companies’ safety inspections.

The Labor Department already has dramatically increased its enforcement of safety and wage and hour regulations, but Perez is expected to take things further. As labor secretary in Maryland, Perez was known for going after companies that misclassified workers as independent contractors to avoid paying minimum wage and overtime.

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