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NYC Employers Must List Salary Ranges in Job Ads

In an effort to achieve pay equity and transparency, the NYC Council amended the NYC Human Rights Law requiring employers, with four or more employees (including independent contractors), to provide salary information with job advertisements effective May 15, 2022.

Employers must state the minimum and maximum starting salary offered for any advertised external jobs or internal promotion or transfer opportunities. The stated salary range may be based on the highest and lowest salary that an employer “in good faith believes” it would pay for the advertised position at the time of its posting.

The law does not define “salary,” or how “salary” must be expressed in job postings nor does it clarify whether the salary range requirement applies to all jobs advertised in NYC or only postings for jobs physically located in NYC.

The requirement does not apply to temporary positions at a temporary help firm.

It is expected that the NYC Commission on Human Rights will provide clarification on these issues when it gets close to the implementation date.

PMP will keep you updated as new information is released.

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