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NYS Regulations For Expanded Allowable Wage Deductions Issued

The New York Commissioner of Labor has issued final regulations for the amendment to the state’s wage deduction statute (Labor Law § 193) that became effective November 6, 2012. The amendment to this statute clarifies and limits prior restrictions on employer deductions from wages.

The new regulations specify:

  1. Legal deductions that may be authorized by employees;

  2. Additional information regarding legal deductions deemed for the benefit of the employee;

  3. Information concerning a process for notifying, then legally recouping, incorrect overpayments from employees’ wages;

  4. Details for creating a legal wage advance repayment arrangement.

The regulations also reiterate the four categories of wage deductions permitted under Section 193 of New York Labor Law.

If you have any questions concerning New York’s allowable wage deductions, or any other workplace compliance matter, please do not hesitate to call PMP.


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