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The Excelsior Pass- How It Works

Participation in the Excelsior Pass is voluntary and free. In the state of New York, residents can store these passes digitally on their phones or print them out, whichever is most convenient. Businesses and venues will be asking for proof of vaccinations and having this Pass at your fingertips can be very useful.

The Excelsior Pass is a free, fast and secure way to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or negative test results and is one of many tools that are helping to ensure the safe and responsible reopening of New York’s economy.

Businesses are encouraging their customers and employees to get on board with this useful program. If you have the Pass, businesses will then be responsible for scanning the Passes and only allowing entry into their establishments for those with valid Passes or alternate forms of proof of vaccination or negative test results. An employer is required to verify identification by matching the name and birth date on the Pass to a photo ID (driver’s license, etc.).

The Excelsior Pass is part of New York’s effort to support the safe reopening of business and return to public places.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has stated that the goal of the vaccine passport is to “fast-track” the economic reopening of concerts, sports events, theaters, wedding receptions and other catered affairs.

Keep in mind that at present the Excelsior Pass is only accepted in the State of New York.

You are NOT required to use an Excelsior Pass, it is completely voluntary. If you do not have access to a smartphone you can easily print a paper Pass via the Excelsior Pass website at

When you visit a business or venue that accepts Excelsior Pass, the code on your Pass will be scanned to ensure that your Pass is valid. For adults aged 18 and over, a matching photo ID with name and birth date is required to be presented alongside each Pass.


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