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When To Allow Workers Time Off To Vote

Election Day is tomorrow and employers should review their current policies that allow workers time off to vote to ensure compliance with any applicable state and local requirements.

New York Election Law § 3-110 states that an employee is entitled to a sufficient amount of leave time that, when added to his or her available time outside of working hours, will enable him or her to vote. Four (4) hours is considered sufficient time. An employee is excluded from leave if he or she has four (4) consecutive hours in which to vote, either between the opening of the polls (6:00 AM) and the beginning of his or her work shift or the end of his or her work shift and the close of the polls (9:00 PM).

Stay in compliance with federal and state labor laws. If you have any questions concerning this article, or any other issues pertaining to workplace compliance, please do not hesitate to contact PMP.


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