​We believe in a continuum of training that holds those who experience the learning, as well as their managers, to a commitment of professional development. 

PMP’s Management Development Program is a comprehensive learning experience for your supervisors and managers. As corporate trainers and Human Resources professionals, we have witnessed the challenges of companies to hire, train and nurture supervisors and managers to achieve the goals of their jobs. We recognize that one size may fit all in applying processes to any business. We know that ‘one size fits all’ does not apply to people management.

Trainees are held accountable to apply the learning to their workplace; and their managers are reminded of their accountability to provide resources, open communication, and drive higher levels of job performance. We define this as employee engagement and this goes a long way in developing “Managers of People

PMP’s Management Development Program is a module based learning continuum that is made up of 2-3 hour programs over a 6 month time frame. Learning is focused and builds on an accountability to specific action items developed by each participant. 

Modules include the following:

  • Crossing the Line:  Anti-Harassment and Discrimination

  • It’s a Win-Win: DiSC®

  • Step Up to the Plate: The Role of A Supervisor/Manager 

  • Where There’s a Will, There’s a Won’t: Managing Job Performance

  • Hiring Right, the First Time: Interviewing

  • You Can Say That Again: Conscious Communication I

  • Conscious Communication II

  • I Don’t Get It: Managing Behavioral Styles and the Generations

  • Give It Up!: Delegating

  • It’s Only a Matter of Time: Managing Time

  • You’re Fired, or Wait, No, Not Yet: Progressive Disciple/Termination of Employment

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